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Unique Garage custom imaged cabinets

Custom Soda Machines

There is nothing more cool than a customized
soda machine for your home, barn, garage,
hanger, office, or wherever.

We can customize the machine to be
decorated with the logo and colors of your
favorite beverage, or we can theme the
machine to fit anything you can dream up -
sports teams, a Corvette or a Ferrari, Army or
Navy, hunting and fishing, a favorite movie,

Some Favorite Themes:

  • Favorite Movie
  • Military
  • Pro & College Sports Teams
  • Car, Boat, or Airplane
  • Corporate Logos
  • Beer
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Cartoons & Super Heros
  • Music
  • Coke in a Foreign Language
  • Animals & Pets
  • Politics
  • Patriotic


Custom Vending Machine

Make/Model: Classic Vendo 63
Bottles/Cans: This machine can be
made to dispense 6-12 oz. bottles or 12oz. cans.
Selections: Vends 7 different
Vend Price: The price can be set to
vend for "free" and $.05 - $.75 in
nickel increments.
6-12 oz bottles or 12 oz cans.
53"H x 27.5"W x 21.5" D
Weight: 345 lbs

Warning: Some of the following designs were for prototypes and cannot be resold due to licensing regulations. Please contact us for availability.

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